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Having a dependable source of heating and hot water is very easy to take for granted until something goes wrong. By carefully selecting the right heating products and having them professionally installed, you can be sure your system will never let you down. Gastek Solutions can supply and fit a range of boilers, cylinders and heat pumps from industry leading manufacturers. We service home owners throughout the West Midlands region.
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Save money with our state of the art boilers

Boiler technology has come a long way in recent years. Conventional boilers have evolved and the latest models on the market are more efficient, economical and space spacing than ever. Please visit our Boilers page for more information about our combi boilers, system boilers and condensing boilers.

Eco-friendly water heating cylinders

The latest wave of water heating cylinders is the environmentally friendly way to ensure you always have hot water on hand. Gastek Solutions offers you the choice of single coil or twin coil cylinders, depending on whether you wish to install solar heating or not. These systems can deliver a steady supply of hot water with ease to multiple bathrooms at once.

Control your home’s climate with innovative heat pumps

Regulate your home’s climate with innovative heat pumps from Gastek Solutions. Our team can supply air to air or ground source heat pumps depending on the situation and your individual needs. Both types of heat pumps boast remarkable energy efficiency, thus helping you keep your power bills under control.
Heat Pumps
To find out how you can heat your home more efficiently with boilers, cylinders or heat pumps, call our team in the West Midlands on
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