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of Worcester Bosch boilers

An expertly installed, high quality boiler is your ticket to cosy rooms and hot showers all year round! Gastek Solutions is the leading accredited installer of Worcester Bosch boilers in the West Midlands. Our team can also supply and fit other reputable brands of boiler, although we are able to offer an extended 10-year warranty on parts and labour on Bosch boilers.
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Space saving combi boilers

Due to their space saving benefits, combi boilers are becoming increasingly popular with British home owners. High efficiency and excellent water pressure to multiple outlets at once is achieved without the need for a separate cylinder or pump. 

Responsive and economical system boilers

System boilers are a great choice if you value a fast response and economical operation. As many of the heating components are built in, the installation is considerably faster and neater than with other types of boilers. 

Enjoy reliable performance with a regular boiler

By virtue of their straightforward operation, regular boilers offer reliable performance and are cost effective to install. A regular, or conventional boiler, will heat your central heating system directly and supply hot water to your cylinder.

Fuel-efficient condensing boilers

One of the primary advantages of a condensing boiler is the system’s ability to extract additional useable heat from the excess exhaust gas. This makes them incredibly fuel-efficient and kinder to the environment.
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